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Home Learning Resources

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Virtual Field Trips

1. ThoughtCo.: Explore the World From Your Home

2. Waterford: favorite virtual field trips for elementary school students

3. Trip Savvy: Virtual Field Trips for Kids of All Ages

Distance Learning

1. PBS Learning Media: Bring the World to Your Home

2. Today: Everyday learning lessons in all the school subjects

3. Parent Toolkit: One-stop resource for parents

4. Homeschool: Database of free curriculum and other educational resources

5. Khan Academy: For every student, every classroom

Breaking news! New Distance Learning resources

2. Bored Teachers: 40 Science Websites to Keep Kids Engaged and
Entertained at Home

4. Learning A-Z: Virtual Support for Learning

5. Bored Teachers: +50 Awesome Reading and Writing Websites to Keep Kids
Learning at Home

6. Bored Teachers: These FREE Online Resources Can Help Continue Kids’
Learning From Home

7. Bored Teachers: 40 Best Online Math Resources for All Grade Levels

Educational Websites

1. ABCYA: Practice math and reading skills while playing games

2. Switch Zoo: Fun games about animals

3. Fun Brain: Play games while practicing math and reading skills

4. Adapted Mind: Turn real math into a delightful game

5. Nat Geo for Kids: Explore the world while you are learning geography and
fascinating animals.

6. Hour of Code: Learn how to code while playing games.

7. Tynker: Create your own mindcraft world using program coding

8. Book World: Read your favorite book using your local virtual library

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Therapy Resources:
1. Special Education Home School: Therapy at Home
2. Very Well Health: How To Calm a Child with Autism
3. Wiki Lawn: How To Create a Sensory Safe Backyard
4. Child Mind Institute: Treating Sensory Processing Issues
5. CDC - Caring for Children While School is Out